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See and Share Designs Easily

The design application SketchUp is a powerful software that can help you generate complex 3D models. Architects, engineers, and designers use it when creating a basis for their projects. However, models created using the SketchUp app is not easily shared. The person you will be sharing the design with will need to have the app to view the design exactly as it is. It could be a costly use of resources when you only need to see and analyze the design. Luckily, Trimble, the brains behind SketchUp, created SketchUp Viewer, a program that will let you view SketchUp model designs as they were, as well as share the designs easily. This design tool allows users to access a 3D model design, whether they have access to SketchUp or not.

Share Your Visions

SketchUp Viewer lets the designer share their vision with other users without them needing to have a SketchUp app. The app lets the users see the shapes, geometry, and texture of the design without making any changes. With this, the designer is sure that no unnecessary editing will happen in the design during the process.

To share the design, the designer will need to specify the parameters of the design using the SketchUp app. The designer can specify multiple perspectives, zoom levels, and view angles to let the view easily see the most important aspects of the 3D design. The viewer app will then allow the users to switch between them by using the tabs or the camera menu. 

Furthermore, if the designers want to focus more on the model structure, they can enable the wireframe view or set up the design to only display the hidden geometry when shared. SketchUp Viewer can easily pan to a certain area in the design, magnify an object, or rotate the model for the viewer to see all the available angles. 

See Designs in All Angles

When you browse through the shared 3D model using SketchUp Viewer, you will have the option to slowly walk around the design for you to stimulate the experience of the visitor once the design has come into fruition. The app is pretty intuitive and flexible and provides many ways for you to view designs. In fact, there are lots of tools that you can find the interface, including the Look Around tool which allows the viewer to examine nearby objects closely. 

If you want to have the designs printed, for presentations or project documentation, you may do so with the SketchUp Viewer. Before generating the prints, however, you need to make sure you checked the display and shadow settings to fine-tune the printed elements. Unfortunately, while you can print the design, you cannot export the view to an image so you can embed it into a webpage or document. More so, the software does not include any documentation tool. 

Simple but Helpful

If you want to share your models with clients and colleagues, SketchUp Viewer can help. It allows users to open any model without a paid license for a drawing tool and even comes with various functions to analyze the design in every angle. And although it does come with limitations, the app is enough for you to fully share your ideas in real-like environments.


  • Lets you share 3D models
  • Opens SketchUp designs without needing the license for the drawing tool
  • Offers many ways to view and analyze a design
  • Flexible and intuitive interface


  • Does not allow users to export a design to an image
  • Does not let users embed a design to a webpage
  • Does not include documentation tool

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  • Free
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    Nice software

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    nice sofwer good work for project and realy nice sofwere gxcsgsg


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